The Guide and Jersey Timeline

After a brief introduction to the history, the jersey guide serves to outline some of the more common features that are displayed throughout the book, showing readers what to look for when properly identifying genuine, on-ice NHL jerseys.

Team by Team Chapters

Team by team, season by season, each chapter explores an NHL club's ever evolving identity.

Style and Design

Signaling the end of an era in the NHL, many teams redesigned their uniforms in the early 90s in an attempt to promote marketing and retail sales.

Player Write-ups

Sprinkled throughout the book, write-ups highlight the All-Star and HOF careers of our favorite NHL legends.

Logos, Patches, Tags, and Tails

Full color high resolution images outline every intimate detail.

Quick Reference Tables

For the complete jersey nerd, each chapter features a quick-reference table outlining the evolution of the team's jersey from '83 to '93.